Chinese V8 Smartwatch

A (very) Cheap GSM Smartwatch

Posted by Sam Bartle on 29 Sept 2019

Chinese V8 Smartwatch

I found this on ebay for £5.69, and I only bought it since it was advertised a having GSM.. which I assumed it owuldnt and i'd get a refund and have a nice thing to take apart for free.

As it turns out, once it arrived its a real working smartwatch, via bluetooth, as well as having a fully working 2G GSM modem.

Obviously the first thing I did was see if I can figure out what it runs and if it can be reflashed.

It has a Mediatek MT6260 chipset, and it turns out thats pretty popular in the Chinese smartwatch world, there are a variety of tools available for flashing, and critically dumping the firmware from these things.

I dumped the firmware and split it out to come up with what appears to be a flashable backup. Looking in there with a Hex editor the ID in the firmware appears to be: MX6XD-COB-V8-7789HSD-JJT-6113-JZTX-V02.38-20190801

The date appears to be very recent.. I ordered this in September 2019, and the date it was built is August 2019